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 Post subject: An old fan with some questions
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:45 pm 

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Hello Bucky and those who communicate with him.

I'm Matt. I've been following Bucky for a long time. He has def. brightened my interests in so many ways and even helped me pass a few of my courses in college due to his videos and help.

I am currently trying to get down Python. I see the extreme amount of use in it in the world and so many people use it now that its almost going to become a requirement for people who program to know it!

The problem is not "learning" Python, really, but learning the GUI called Pygame. I have watched all of his videos up to 19 but noticed he discontinued it. I see there is a lot of other video series on different aspects of python but didn't know if any of them continued what he was talking about in Pygame.

Thanks a million for any advice or knowledge you give, andd thanks Bucky for your wealth of knowledge you choose to share with us!


 Post subject: Re: An old fan with some questions
 Post Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:14 pm 
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Honestly you hardly need a tutorial for learning PyGame as it's all pretty intuitive and covered by the documentation which actually comes with a few tutorials of its own but I have no idea what the quality's like.

What you will probably need help with though is the structuring of your programs, but most of that will come to you in time as you need it. I wrote a little, generic template a while ago which works pretty comprehensively covers the basic entry-point for any game which you can build from. You'll have to look up how to implement specialised methods of doing things as the demand for them become apparent. That's possibly one of the key things to learn actually. Being able to spot when you need to try something different.

Anyways, best of luck. I'm happy to answer pretty much any specific question you have about Python or PyGame here, so feel free to ask. :D

Edit'; to actually answer your question: no, there isn't any more TNB tutorials out there that cover PyGame. :D There probably are some other tutorial producers out there that have covered it but frankly, I doubt the quality will be amazing as it often just reduces down into "this is the function do_stuff(); it does stuff; you use this when you want to do stuff."

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